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At Tradewind we make sure to throughly screen
our tenants in-house, so you can rest easy


Voted Best Rental Management Company In Las Vegas

Discover the ultimate solution for property management in Las Vegas with Tradewind Investments.


We offer all kinds of residential and commercial real estate property management services in Las Vegas. Our experienced real estate agents are ready to help you whether you are interested in selling, buying, renting a house, or managing your property.

Award-winning Property Management Services

Accounting Services

The owners are paid between 8-10th every month. Get a complete monthly statement of the activity to help them make informed decisions.

Tenant Selection

Each tenant application undergoes thorough screening, including financial & background checks, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Leasing Services

Fill your vacancies faster with our experts working for you. We use current data to correctly price your units. This allows for maximum returns on your property. 

24/7 Maintenance

We have a fully vetting in-house handyman team to help you keep your home in prime condition. We control time, schedules and prices.


We market your rental with key information and quality photos with various local real estate companies consisting of several thousand agents.

Online Portal

We provide free online portal access to owner cash flow, statements, and invoice copies on all devices - computer, tablet, and mobile.

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Expertise in the Local Area

With years of experience operating in Las Vegas, the Tradewind Investments possesses the local knowledge required to make optimal decisions for your investments.

Interactive Customer Portal

Our free owner/tenant dashboard ensures absolute transparency, enabling you to monitor your property's condition, financials, history, and more.

Rent Assurance

Our real property management solution guarantees a steady income stream, irrespective of fees related to leasing, evictions, repairs, and turnover.


Our Property Management Process


We understand your property goals and analyze its current condition and market position. We provide a proposal and a customized management plan.


We handle accounting, maintenance, leasing, tenant relations, and asset management. We keep you informed of progress 


We regularly monitor property performance using metrics like occupancy rate, rent collection, and maintenance costs. Detailed reports 


We identify areas for enhancement and implement best practices to optimize your property's condition and profitability.

Our Rental Property Management Team

Support around the clock

Are you venturing into rental property management for the first time? Require guidance on the process? Our Property Management experts are here to assist you. Whether you're dealing with real estate management or seeking advice on setting up a rental property, our experienced professionals are prepared to support you at every stage. 


From navigating the intricacies of establishing a rental property to utilizing our online portal, our team is at your service. Let’s meet them and help you get in touch with your preferred professionals.

    A: Property management companies remain the same across the board, with very little diversity. The key thing we believe in is a relationship – we are focusing on you. Your investment. Your property. All with an end goal on building partnerships with life long clients. This is not just about numbers for us, its personal.
    A: At Trade Wind Investments we have an “in-house” maintenance staff. That means we control time, schedules and prices. This has been one of the best things we have ever done in our business. There is no more waiting for an outside handyman to get around to our tenants and not always knowing what to expect.
    A: Homeowners are typically in 4 positions: homeowner relocating, investor recently purchased, tired of maintaining their current tenants, or not happy with your current management company – and we can help in every area! We would love to help you manage your investment and achieve your goals along the way.
  • What are the benefits of owning rental properties in Las Vegas?
    Investing in rental property is a robust financial strategy with the capacity to generate not only immediate profits but also sustained wealth over the long term. Here are some of the benefits - Tax Benefits and Appreciation Economic Diversification Affordability Steady Job Market Personal Freedom and Flexibility
  • Are there any pet-friendly rental options available?
    Yes, we understand the importance of pets in your life. You can find information about pet-friendly properties in the property details section on our website. Please note that certain restrictions and fees may apply.
  • Do you provide same-day move-ins?
    Same-day move-ins are not available. Your application processing time is estimated to be between 24 and 48 hours, provided all information is accurate, and we can successfully contact all required references.
  • What are the lease terms for rental properties in Las Vegas?
    Lease terms vary depending on the property, but typically, we offer standard one-year leases. You can find specific details about the lease duration and any other terms in the property listing or by contacting our leasing team.
  • Are there any fees included for a rental property?
    We charge application fees. Contact us for more information.
  • What should I do if I encounter maintenance issues in my rental property?
    No worries! At Tradewind Investments, we have an in-house maintenance team for real estate rentals in Las Vegas. Incorporating this approach into our business has proven to be highly beneficial. Call our 24-hour emergency maintenance number at (702) 768-0426.
  • What types of properties do you manage in Las Vegas?
    Tradewind Investments manages different types of properties including: Residential homes Multi-apartment complexes Commercial properties
  • How quickly can you lease my property?
    The duration for leasing a property is challenging to predict. However, various external factors can affect the time such as location, time of year, pricing, and potential upgrades.
  • What are the terms of the real estate management agreement in Las Vegas?
    Every agreement is tailored to the specific property and its resource needs, with a minimum duration of one year.
  • How do you screen potential tenants?
    We conduct thorough background checks, credit history verification, income assessment, and reference checks. We make sure to find reliable and responsible tenants who meet our screening criteria.
  • When can I expect to receive my monthly funds?
    Your funds will be disbursed shortly after your tenant pays the rent i.e. between the 8th to 10th of the month. Additionally, you will receive a monthly statement outlining your account activity on the deposit date.
  • What are your property management Fees?
    Our standard fee for rental property management in Las Vegas is 6-8% of the monthly rent. Multiple home and unit discounts are available.

Finding your new home might be difficult, but our experienced team are here to help you make this process much easier. Contact Tradewind Investments and get the professional advice you need!

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